What are Accelerators?

Mobile Cloud recognises there are a range of common processes which are similar across industries.

We believe that by creating modules of pre-configured common processes, and all the associated RPA documentation and user guides, that this will allow clients to significantly reduce the time it takes to deploy these automations, and utilise modules with built-in best practices. Overall this will substantially reduce the overall development costs.

Additionally, this will enable RPA teams to gain a deeper understanding on how to best utilise Attended Automation, and the approaches and tools which are required. Accelerator Services and Solutions will enable companies to utilise these accelerated approaches from discovery, all the way through to production deployment.

Accelerator Services

  1. Contact Center Opportunity Assessment
  2. End-to-End process discovery
  3. Business case and ROI
  4. Implementation Blue Prism for multi-channel end to end automation
  5. COE enablement for Attended and Unattended automation

Technologies we leverage to build these accelerators

  1. Blue Prism Digital Workers and Service Assist
  2. Blue Prism Cloud / Interact
  3. Chatbot integrated with Blue Prism
  4. AI and ML using Blue prism connected RPA partners

Accelerators Solutions

  • Call Center module
    • Authentication and IDV module
    • Single view of the customer
    • Next Best Action (NBA)
    • Vertical market modules (lost and stolen..)
    • After call activities/wrap
    • Performance reporting
    • User management
  • Self Service module
  • Human in The Loop module
    • Finance approval
    • HR process
    • IT Support process

Accelerator Benefits

Reduce the time to it takes to get into production by using pre-built modules for standard processes, and you will get the following benefits:

  • Accelerate production delivery from months to days
  • Reduce your workload on design and configuration for standard processes
  • Allows localisation to your systems for rapid deployment
  • Localisation for your specific processes with simple configuration changes

Take advantage and leverage our experience in building and maintaining attended automation solutions whilst also utilising your resources to focus on your unique business processes, as well as delivering production automation solutions.

Contact Centre

Attended Automation within the Contact Centre delivers the ability for Users and Digital Worker processes to work seamlessly together, solving business objectives of delivering increasing productivity, customer engagement consistency and compliance adherence.

With these new business capabilities, clients need to achieve and realise improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) quickly. In practice, there are common issues that adversely impact these benefits by delaying production ready processes as well as impacting the scale out of automation across the organisation:

  • Time wasted on extensive process discovery and opportunity assessments
  • Best practice, enhanced attended process knowledge and experience
  • Skill sets take time to build and people move roles quickly
  • Reworking of processes to meet emerging custom business needs

This is subsequently amplified when extending Front Office and End-to-End process automation into delivering Self-Service and Back Office automations. These inclusions create changes in the type of engagements within the Contact Centre which therefore requires new skills and approaches.

When linking Front Office to the Back Office, the overall automation management is enhanced, as well as extending the improvements from the automation. This does need new ways of delivering processes, business escalations and overall performance reporting particularly with the use of new common automation processes to maximum the impact of digital workers.

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