Customer Experience (CX)

While the quality of customer experiences is improving globally, everything about the customer is changing – motivations, connections, expectations, time and purchasing power – even as demand, product and process complexity increases

High effort customer experiences lead to significantly higher operating costs, reduced customer loyalty and slower growth

Mobile Cloud’s strategy for helping organisations improve their Customer Experience (CX) delivery capabilities, is based on reducing customer and organisational effort. Which in turn will help reduce the number of dissatisfied customer and detractors, driving increased growth.

This approach is promoted by leading analysts such as Forrester. It is based on decades of research that show that organisations that make life easy and effortless for their customers, consistently outperform those that do not. Low customer effort has been proven to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Mobile Cloud’s approach to reducing customer effort is threefold:

  • Step 1) Eliminate demand at the source –
    • Identify opportunities to apply Robotic Process Automation solutions to operational business support systems and functions in the back office, that currently generate significant customer demand.
  • Step 2) Automate demand via self-serve channels – 
    • Identify digital and other self-service channel demand deflection opportunities, through intelligent automation, semantic search, and AI-powered conversational technologies.
  • Step 3) Optimise remaining workload –
    • Implement attended RPA and agent support tools and capabilities, to reduce the handling time of the remaining customer demand workload

Through a combination of advanced CX analytics and RPA, you can get a real-time, actionable understanding of your customer’s needs, enabling you to make integrated business decisions about the best resources to employ to deliver the perfect experience.

Mobile Cloud adopts a technology-led transformational consulting approach to customer effort reduction and customer experience value creation

Mobile Cloud’s consulting accelerators help boost financial performance and improve long-term customer experience delivery capabilities

Omni-Channel Service Vision:

  • Defining the role of service in meeting the company’s brand promise
  • Embodying that vision throughout the customer-facing organization
  • Aligning the customer operating model to meet that promise

CX Operating model design:

  • Organizational design that supports the CX vision
  • An omnichannel outside-in view of the business
  • A systemic approach to Customer Engagement

Customer Journey optimization:

  • Omni-Channel customer journey data sequencing
  • Leveraging customer information to identify improvement opportunities
  • Empower channel capabilities with Real-Time customer data

Digital and self-service design:

  • Increased self-service channel adoption
  • Optimise current functionality and experiences
  • Incorporation of new functionality

Contact centre transformation:

  • Leverage real-time customer data to drive decision making
  • Focus on behavioural effectiveness and effort reduction
  • Optimise call routing and skilling to customers and needs
  • Align KPIs and targets with business objectives

VOC & experience analytics:

  • Business capability measurement tied to financial performance
  • Reducing complexity by focusing on drivers
  • Customer Data-centric dashboards

We provide Real-time Customer Journey Analytics & Orchestration, to help our client’s better anticipate and manage customer demand

Getting to know your customers and how they behave is easy with Alterian’s Real-Time CX Platform. See how customers actually interact across all of your touchpoints, see where they pause or break the journey, and spot opportunities to improve each journey. Clear, out-of-the-box journey analytic dashboards provide key business metrics to show how your initiatives deliver a return on investment.

  • View behaviour across all channels
  • Immediately see the benefits of initiatives
  • View Business focused reports
  • See the outcome of tests

Take control of designing your journeys across all touchpoints with the Alterian Real-Time CX Platform. Whether it is delivering Next Best Actions, Personalized Recommendations or Helping Channel Switching, designing journeys is straightforward. Using Journey Experience Designer, business users take ownership of journeys and orchestrate, without relying on teams of developers and system owners.

  • Faster and Easier Changes,
  • Rapid Time to Value,
  • Take Control,
  • Recommend Next Best Actions
Customers are in control; they follow the paths they want to and choose to interact with their preferred touchpoints. Journey Analytics enables brands to see these actual journeys and drill into operational performance.
Out of the box, you can immediately see where customers drop out of a journey and do not reach their intended goal.
If you cannot measure, you cannot manage. Brands need to see the most up-to-date information. Out of the box standard journey analytics reports give you an overview and let you drill down to find out more.
Whether focused on Acquisition, Satisfaction, Engagement, Retention, Testing or Cost, there is a CX Dashboard giving the answers.
With customers hitting your touchpoints at any time of the day, embedded AI and Machine Learning throughout make faster and better decisions for you. Whether it is an automated test and roll-out, predicting future behaviour, visualizing clusters, importing and using your data scientists’ latest model, or optimizing activity to hit your goals, our technology makes it easy.
A customer is focused across all your touchpoints, they are not worried about your different systems.
To truly understand each customer, brands need to be able to see a complete picture of their customers, the journeys they make, where they drop out of them, across all your touchpoints.
Frequently you need to focus down on a single customer, or a segment rather than all of them. With a 20 year+ heritage in insight, our technology is designed to let you quickly visualize any person or group by filtering on any data available. As well as the behaviour data we capture, you can also bring in your own data.
Learning something interesting about your customer’s behaviour is useful, but it is even better if you can turn this into action. Alterian makes it easy to identify segments, then tailor a journey or initiative just for those individuals. And, if you do not want to do this manually, then our built-in Machine Learning automates this process.

Attended Automation

Using RPA, Attended Automation combines the power of the Digital Worker, and Human interaction, to create a symbiotic relationship. This therefore helps to deliver agile solutions for your business needs.

Attended Automation is typically targeted towards the front-office. This is because Digital Workers require human interaction to start or complete a series of activities here. For example, in data capture to setup a direct debit, or in real-time exception handling to validate data via a portal.

Where a Digital Worker will continue processing back-office data, the customer-facing tasks are handled by the front-office worker. Altogether this makes the overall activity more productive and efficient. With both the Digital Worker and Human working in collaboration, the Attended Automation approach ensures your business gets a complete RPA solution.

We provide CX Knowledge Management, to deliver a consistent single source of knowledge truth, combined with the super-fast access and highly configurable, structured content.

When companies implement Knowledge Management (KM) solutions that provide “controlled knowledge” to customers, they are 34% more likely to improve customer satisfaction compared to those that use other KM solutions.

Many businesses have realised, or are beginning to realise, that much of the pain in their customer journeys relate directly to the inability of customers and employees to access the answers they want in their moment of need.

New research shows that Knowledge Management is a key capability in the new reality for work at home colleagues. A dedicated knowledge solution can help them stay engaged, competent and consistent. Time to competence will be dramatically reduced, and customers experiences improved.

In striving to continuously improve their customer experience, businesses are implementing Knowledge Management (KM) solutions for their customer teams which provide answers to customers questions – not just information.

  • There is a clear link between businesses who take CX seriously and those who take Knowledge Management seriously.
  • Customer experience is the top priority for 40% of those who take KM seriously – versus for only 25% of those who do not.
  • Winning and retaining customers is the number two priority for businesses that take KM seriously – versus number ten for those that do not.
  • Unsurprisingly, those who believe that KM is important also have boards (65%) and CEOs (76%) driving the customer service strategy.
  • Those that do not believe KM is important are significantly less likely to have the board (45%) and CEO (55%) involved in CX.

Our Conversational solutions allow brands to meet consumers in their channel of choice with a scalable personalized solution for customer care, marketing, and sales

Consumers’ communication preferences have changed dramatically in the past decade. The number of monthly texts sent has increased by more than 7,700%.

US smartphone users send and receive five times more texts than they make and receive calls.

Consumers are less willing to Wait on hold for a call agent, navigate an IVR system, email an inquiry and wait for a response or attend to webchat windows.

At the same time, e-commerce has proven to be an ineffective way for consumers to purchase products and services. Less than 5% of people who visit a website actually buy something, with just 11% of retail sales coming from e-commerce. What consumers really want is a way to ask their questions and get an answer via a communication platform they prefer.

They want to be able to ask follow-up questions as they occur to them and have more natural conversations.

Mobile Cloud instils interaction analytics deeply into organizations, providing valuable insights about customer behaviour over every touchpoint of their journey with the enterprise.

Companies today face several critical business challenges – they need to increase revenue and market share, acquire new customers and retain existing ones, drive operational efficiencies, ensure corporate and regulatory compliance, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Analytics lives in the core of every business. It requires the right approach, knowledge, and organizational alignment in order to succeed. According to a recent NICE customer survey, customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator for consumers. But gaining the skills and insight needed to achieve best in class customer experiences requires that you build analytics into your very nature.

On the micro-level, we provide you with deep insights on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of masses of individual interactions. On the macro level, we provide solutions that enable you to track and understand the customer’s entire journey across all touchpoints.

Mobile Cloud can help you with both a broad understanding of your customer's experiences across every touchpoint, as well as a deep dive into every type of interactions

With customer experience poised to overtake factors like price and product as the dominant differentiator in just about every industry — and many would argue it already has — a ho-hum approach to customer feedback management and customer data analytics simply won’t do. If you’re still using a one-dimensional, survey-driven approach to understanding your customers, there’s a good chance you’re about to get overtaken by your competitors.

The trick you need to master? Pooling every source of data about customer interactions and combining that with the structured feedback your customer surveys deliver. Our solutions from NICE Satmetrix and NICE Nexidia combine to deliver next-level insights on the Customer Experience.

Mobile Cloud adopts a multi-layered analytics approach to Voice of the Customer and employee feedback: ASK – LISTEN – OBSERVE

  • ASK – Utilises direct customer feedback through surveys and questionnaires, at the point of interaction and as part of episodic customer journey based measurements
  • LISTEN – Through analysis of both structured and unstructured customer interaction data, it is possible to get a fuller picture of a customer effort, experiences and emotions by listening to contact centre and digital sources
  • OBSERVE – and finally through the analysis of data gathered through business systems such and ERP and CRM’s, it is possible to infer for an individual customer’s behaviour (sales and service) their loyalty and value.
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