Digital Workers

A Digital Worker mimics human behaviour to accomplish automatable parts of a business skill.

What are Digital Workers?

When a person starts a new job, the business’ first task is to up-skill their new employee. This requires giving them the skill set needed to successfully undertake their role. The new employee may initially experience process-related challenges as part of their role. However, the employee can overcome these challenges with the training that their employer provides.

Similarly, a Digital Worker is given a set of instructions for it to follow, enabling it to accomplish the task at hand. These rules mirror the same steps actioned by an employee carrying out the same task. If an issue (exception) occurs, the Digital Worker handles the issue like their Human counterpart would, working to ensure tasks are complete.

The Digital Worker is given either a specific role to focus on; i.e. work on one business process, or is utilised across a number of processes. This therefore frees up your Human workforce to focus on areas where more complex, cognitive thought is needed.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an application of technology employing a Digital Workforce to process business logic and structured data. It is mainly used to automate end-to-end business processes. In doing so, RPA leverages your existing business systems in the same way a human employee can. However, it does so without compromising your existing IT infrastructure.

RPA is used across many industries, such as financial services, utilities, telecoms and even manufacturing. Therefore playing a very important role in modern companies. This is because it allows them to automate business processes at a fraction of the cost of previously designed IT solutions.

A Robotic Process Automation solution can be implemented within a matter of weeks delivering you quick benefits, whereas traditional methods take several months. This means a rapid return on your investments, as well as further enabling your human workforce to achieve more.

Accurate information that is collected and processed both quickly correctly first time by the Digital Workforce results in a happier customer.

Multi skilled Digital Workers are cheaper to employ, and can typically carry out 3 times more work with minimum errors and downtime.
Digital Workers work faster and can be employed to run round-the-clock. Each task is efficiently carried out with the same result every time.
Reduction in human error and the repeatability of digital worker activities enhance the alignment to company and governmental policies.
Your human workforce can focus on the higher value functions which requires complex activities and cognitive thought such as engaging with customers.
RPA is code-free, non-invasive, and perfect for legacy systems. The security and integrity of your business applications are fully maintained.

Attended Automation

Using RPA, Attended Automation combines the power of the Digital Worker, and Human interaction, to create a symbiotic relationship. This therefore helps to deliver agile solutions for your business needs.

Attended Automation is typically targeted towards the front-office. This is because Digital Workers require human interaction to start or complete a series of activities here. For example, in data capture to setup a direct debit, or in real-time exception handling to validate data via a portal.

Where a Digital Worker will continue processing back-office data, the customer-facing tasks are handled by the front-office worker. Altogether this makes the overall activity more productive and efficient. With both the Digital Worker and Human working in collaboration, the Attended Automation approach ensures your business gets a complete RPA solution.


As Robotic Process Automation continues to evolve, so Digital Workers are able to interact with complementary technologies. Chatbot technologies and Digital Workers can be combined to create a perfect front-office partnered solution, as Chatbots create structured data from a highly unstructured conversation with a Human.

The Chatbot triggers the Digital Worker to execute a specific task requested by the customer. The Digital Worker,already pre-configured to interact with back-end systems, retrieves the information requested by the Customer and sends a reply via the Chatbot’s conversational UI.

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