Back Office Automation

Automation is proven to deliver savings throughout business departments. The challenge is balancing the complexity of implementation, with the results that are achieved.

Our approach leverages years of experience ranging from delivering client side perspective,  to being a partner. This therefore ensures that we provide pragmatic advice.

We deliver real business benefits at a small and large scale to traditional areas such as Finance and HR, in addition to industry specific back office automations.

• Business analysis of what’s possible is critical to successful design and can take 50% of the effort of a program. Essential design thinking of what’s possible with KPI’s and success criteria are essential before work starts.

• Process discovery of the as-is alongside volumetrics and performance metrics are essential to understand to calculate the impact of the automation processes and relative impact to customers, the business and hours saved metrics.

• Experience to build production processes has to be developed within the deployment team and although this can be accelerated with training, mentoring and advice the team need to build with production in mind. Error handling and exceptions need to be written within the processes with robust recovery processes to ensure automation works 100% of the processes
• Opportunity assessment methodology
• COE and control room setup and training
• Hybrid resources to deliver projects alongside your teams
• Mentoring for self-enablement so your team can scale new heights
• End to End Automation approach reducing exceptions
• Hours saved across the business with reporting modules built to capture performance metrics
• No Code approach so lower cost to maintain automation platforms

Human In The Loop (HITL)

RPA was traditionally marketed as Back Office automation, however, we found many cases where there is a human interaction.

We achieve this with tools such as custom web forms, emails, excel extracts etc. In addition to this, we now use low code Blue Prism tools like Service Assist and Interact on Blue Prism Cloud.

By using low code solutions, we eradicate expensive, custom work and replace it with a drag and drop approach.

• New HITL software tools to remove customer approaches to human escalation and approvals
• Enable new end to end processes that allow human approvals to keep a process moving through to successful closure
• Production and large scale platforms for company wide usage with high confidence of 100% complete process automation
• Process discovery and design the art of the possible to break away from small start stop processes
• Design new end to end ways of working with humans and digital workers to drive new efficiencies
• Pre-built accelerators for common customer, HR and finance processes for click and send to Back Office automation
• Massively extend range of processes that can now be fully automated
• Extend broken processes where exceptions are causing excessive drop outs and lose business confidence
• Widen the human acceptance of automation as they are now in the loop

Contact Centre Automation

Call centers are responsible for delivering the customer promise on each and every interaction. This often involves talking while negotiating multiple complex screens. These screens range across different systems, and often have slow response times. The agent has to navigate these numerous pages for simple customer interactions.

Considering this high turnover of staff, who can take weeks to train, there should be a simple method to improve the use of automation! Now there is, and it’s called Service Assist.

Historically, Remote Desktop Automation (RDA) was used in contact centers to assist the agent with automations. However the capabilities were limited, and required specific technology on each desktop.

Service Assist is delivered as a secure web page or a “pane of glass” because it only displays the relevant information to the agent. It is fully assisted, with multiple digital workers supporting them through the call.

• New Service Assist capability to reduce time spent servicing customers and allowing new service development. Removes the limitation of current applications and systems by creating new processes and using the data as required, not as prescribed in legacy system designs

• Enable new ways of working and dynamic UX that changes with the process and data retrieved

• Create great new offers and deliver consistently across all customer interactions as platform can be deployed securely to internal and external workforce including work from home, mobile and store staff
• Contact Center Opportunity Assessment to review Customer Experience, Call volumes and Process discovery to identify the scale of opportunity and business benefits
• New processes design to create more effective CX and agent experience leveraging digital workers help
• Prebuilt accelerators to rapidly build the new Service Assist UI for contact centers
• Business Case development and roadmap planning
• Reduce average handling time / error value by up to 85% and improve customer satisfaction
• Improve offer and sales completion rates by delivering real time offers relevant to each customer unique profile
• Simplify the desktop and enable improved agent satisfaction


Many companies create their COE, putting the time into hiring and training their staff. However, often the staff leave quickly, and before automation has been achieved at scale.

The combination of business and technical expertise necessary to deliver automations requires a unique blend of skills. There is a particular focus on production performance, and not delivering pilots, or small process automations.

Through working alongside established and experienced teams with end to end automation experience, you will learn and develop quickly. You will migrate from watching to doing, therefore learning to drive large production automations.

• New approach to self enablement with blue prints, training and mentoring

• Enables rapid adoption of new Connected-RPA partner technologies with Blue Prism core platform

• Developed to accelerate your automation capabilities and to achieved great customer references
• Augment your team with hybrid resource model to jointly deliver projects
• Hire, contract or train your staff to get them delivering faster and with confidence
• Methodologies and approach geared to Front office and back office automations
• Reduce time to build out large automations
• Build on best practice and reduce risk on project delays and fatigue through poor process selection and design
• Lower cost of deployment using core internal team and augmented resources to accelerate project

HyperAutomation - AI & Machine Learning

By building on Blue Prism RPA foundations, and using connected RPA components, we help clients get easy access to the components for HyperAutomation.

New business led COE’s work to build out production platforms by integrating key components into a hybrid platform.

The opportunities for this are vast and wide ranging. Through working with a team that is operating closely alongside Blue Prism Professional Services, while also supporting other clients using these new technologies, we will ensure you a head start on your competitors.

• Ground breaking approach to HyperAutomation and we include humans and digital workers to create a new workforce
• New design thinking to create new ways of working with new technologies to innovate
• Create new ideas and test using drag and drop functionality with our Innovate methodology
• New business model design and lab testing to get reading for production
• Pre-built accelerators for OCR and integration with BP processes to make data structured to improve end to end automation
• Methodologies to test and migrate into large scale production to achieve HyperAutomation
• Reduced time to experiment and innovate
• Confidence in scaling new approaches into production
• Lower cost of innovation as testing and trialling in controlled lab environment

Process & Business Case Discovery

A business case is an essential tool. Not only does it quantify the opportunity, but it also shares the analysis, the findings, the scope and costs to deliver the projected savings.

Gaining support across the business, finance and IT sectors is essential for executive sponsorship of the automation program or enlargement.

Utilising process discovery tools and business case methodology for Automation ensures that you build a strong case, with confidence.

• Rapid approach to understand current situation and complications to change
• New automation design thinking for business improvements
• Financial modelling taking into account launch and production acceptance and full automation performance
• 6 week deep dive to create business case
• Process discovery, new process innovations and calculated benefits improvements
• Comprehensive report and plan on how to execute and achieve the benefits
• Reduced time to complete discovery and business case
• Strong business case approach for before and after analysis and benefits tracker
• Aligned to business drivers to allow wide scale acceptance
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